the objective of this piece was to create an original signature, as well as product labels and website for an aromatherapy brand.

Earth Scents Aromatherapy needed an identity that could represent visually that it's products used earth-based ingredients. Earth Scents also needed an identity that and could be expanded for use on different sized product labels.



The owner of Earth Scents Aromatherapy, Cyndie Sekora, is passionate about the benefits of aromatherapy and communicated her main objectives for the visual identity.

  1. Create an identity that has an original and easily identifiable graphic that can be used throughout the product labels and on additional assets.
  2. The labels should have space for both english and french text.
  3. The visual identity should be simple but fresh and beautiful so that product consumers will be proud to have the products displayed on their bathroom vanity, or on their desk at work.
  4. Design a website that is minimal, elegant, and informational about Aromatherapy, Cyndie's vision, her products, and where to purchase these items.

Because Cyndie is proud to be a small business owner, she also felt it would be an asset to have her story communicated through the identity.


signature process


signature identity


signature rationale

Inspiration for the stylized triangle graphic was taken from the alchemy symbol for earth, and downward facing triangle and horizontal line. This alchemy symbol is also a derivative of the feminine symbol and together they completely represent Earth Scents Aromatherapy; a female-run business that uses earth-based ingredients to create healing products. As a way to add variety to the To compliment this stylized graphic, the typeface for the signature was kept simple, while slightly decorative.

product label process

Earth Scents carries multiple products that are contained within different shaped canisters and bottles. The design for the labels should be capable of being similarly transitioned from one kind of label orientation and shape to another for consistency of product branding. Another necessity was that the labels have space for both english and french text so that the product can be legally sold in a retail environment. According to regulations, there must also be space for all active ingredients to be listed on the label. On smaller labels for inhalers and lip balms, the goal will be to have the branding still clear, legible, and all ingredient information adequately displayed.

label identity


product label rationale

To appeal to consumers passing by the products, unique, colourful photographs were included on each of the product labels. Each label received it's own image that represents the scent, flavour, or usage of the product in an emblematic way. To keep the label clean while utilizing the branding of the graphic triangle shape, the label's surface has been kept white and the imagery emerges through the cut-outs within the triangle shape and as a slight border around the label. The front of each label has the graphic triangle imagery used in a bold form to assist the consumer in easily identifying the Earth Scents brand amongst different brands and products.

website design process

The website for Earth Scents Aromatherapy should have a cohesive look and feel to the rest of the visual identity system; clean, white space for breathing room, colourful photographs. It is also important to owner, Cyndie, that the site be educational and engaging to users as they are browsing. An engaging website will encourage users to return to the site and will allow them to become more familiar with the brand.

The site should have 5 core informational pages.

  1. A page that lists available products and a description of their wellness uses. This site does not need to currently operate as an online store, but this should be an open option for the future.
  2. A page that can provide some fun aroma blending recipes for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. 
  3. An informational page with safety tips when using aromatherapy blends
  4. An About page with information about the business owner and a clear and concise company mission statement.
  5. A Contact page with clear directions to retail spaces that carry Earth Scents Aromatherapy products and contact information to talk directly with Cyndie. 

wireframes + mockups

Desktop View of Homepage + About Page


final website identity

Desktop View of Homepage + About Page


website design rationale

The introductory billboard image when users first visit is bright and fresh with an immediate call to action to view all products. Directly below the banner is additional information about aromatherapy products with another call to action to learn more. If users continue to scroll down and are still curious about this company, they are then met with Earth Scent Aromatherapy's mission statement and suggestions for additional pages they could choose to visit. When users visit, they should be able to effortlessly navigate throughout, while staying engaged with all the content on the site. Site engagement is encouraged with long, horizontal 'ads' have been placed within each interior page with a call to action and links to encourage users to visit additional pages on the site to become even more familiar with the Earth Scents Aromatherapy brand.