the objective of this piece was to create an original identity for an environmentally conscience urban honey brand.

The company wordmark was to be given as a simple graphic treatment to create a clear, visually memorable identity to be attached to the honey jar and accompanying branding.



Beecause Honey's objective is to be an environmentally friendly honey brand that carries honey harvested by urban bee farms. The branding will need to be bold and eye-catching as store shelves tend to be quite packed with numerous honey brands. The honey jar packaging needs to be minimal to minimize and uneeded waste. An additional asset should also be a business card for the brand to pass out to serve as a prompt to potential customers.


signature variations


final identity



The final signature used for the Beecause Honey was created with the bold typeface Avenir Next to stand out amongst other honey brands, but the typeface was manipulated with the edges being rounded to give the brand an approachable and open essence. The honeycomb shape derived from the shape of a honey spoon, was repeated within the typeface as the identifying graphic for the brand. To further emphasize the honeycomb graphic, while keep the branding minimal as a whole, this shape and the "B" were coloured orange (a colour associated with honey). As this brand's goal is to also remain environmentally aware, the honey will be sold in repurposed mason jars.