the objective of this piece was to create an original signature for an accessible and supportive birthing centre located in Calgary, AB.

A signature was to be designed for a hypothetical organization that houses birthing rooms, pre-natal workshops, and spaces for expecting mothers to prepare for the experiences ahead.



The 1st step in the process included researching active Birthing Centres and the amenities and services they provide to expecting mothers and fathers to-be. The majority offer pre-natal health serivces as well as additional facilities for prenatal yoga, doula and mdidwife access, and a warm home-like environment. The primary reason most women choose to visit Birth Centres is that they are provided more personal one-on-one attention and care than in a clinical environment. The signature attached to this centre must communicate the warmth and openess of this facility while also nodding towards the services provided.


signature process


final identity



The final signature used for the Calgary Birth Centre was created with a script typeface and a thick serif typeface to communicate the centre's dual role of being a professional resource and a friendly environment that focuses on 'everything baby'.  The script typeface is elegant and professional but with a large stylized "B" that is a playful nod to a pregnant belly. The secondary typeface is blocky and reminiscent of the classic font seen on children's alphabet building blocks. The colours for the signature are baby focused, but muted, to avoid appearing too child-like. The colours can alternate between a grey-blue and/or grey-pink, the two standard baby colours. These colours will be repeated throughout the Centre's building interior as they are soft and calming. The small, hand-drawn heart on the signature is a playful flourish to emphasize the friendly, supportive environment that all mothers will experience when they visit and utilize the resources available to them at Calgary Birth Centre.