the objective of this piece was to create a wordmark and stationery package for this diverse healthcare company.

The company wordmark was to be given as a simple graphic treatment to create a clear, visually memorable identity. The wordmark needed to be a visual symbol for the company and its stationery package should reflect the nature of the business.



Allina is a diverse healthcare company that includes hospitals, medical centres, home care services, diagnostics, child welfare, mental healthcare, care for the elderly and facilities for the disabled. It was essential that the separate pieces communicated the reoccurring theme of a sense of reliability and professionalism, while also displaying Allina’s underlying mission to provide a warm and personal touch to its patients.





final identity



The final design of the wordmark is non-threatening and friendly with its rounded edges and lowercase letters, and demonstrates reliability with its solid line weight. The fresh blue is in a cool shade that communicates hope and calmness, while the red dot communicates passion and care. Both blue and red are also commonly used in the health sector. It was important that any additional graphic element added to the brand relate in some way to Allina and the health care sector.The DNA code was found to have imagery that could be simplified into a design that is simple and attractive, while also relating back to Allina’s message of providing “personal care” based on each unique individual. To anchor the wordmark on the letterhead, sticky note, business card and envelope, the clinic contact info has been placed directly underneath while also being aligned to the body text. The standard letterhead design will always have the clinic contact info and wordmark to the top-left, and all personalized contact info will be placed in the bottom-left corner.