the objective of this piece was to design a unique and engaging jewellery lookbook/flyer for Paris Jewellers to be distributed to consumers across canada.

This new concept lookbook for Paris Jewellers would include photographs of only real employees and space would be alotted throughout the book to share their own personal stories.



To give this lookbook a unique look and feel, and differentiate it from competitors flyers, it was designed to be a horizonal, rectangular orientation. The 1st step in the process included researching the zoo’s current objectives, the services they provide, and the audience that they will be primarily appealing to. The Edmonton Valley Zoo’s website states their four objectives (stewardship, conservation, education, engagement) and describes the four kinds of species they house (mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds). The key audience for the Edmonton Valley Zoo is children, however, the current identity may be so child-like, that it neglects to appeal to any individuals outside of that demographic.


interior page wireframes


final identity



The final design of the lookbook is one that follows a grid system with slight deviations throughout with photographs added for some variety amongst the pages. Soft grey boxes are behind all of the jewellery featured to anchor the pieces and provide each piece of jewellery with a strong presence.  To give this lookbook a unique look and feel, and to differentiate it from competitors flyers, it was designed to be a horizontal, rectangular orientation. Because Paris Jewellers wants to celebrate the stories of their employees and ambassadors, full page spreads were given to sharing a piece of their story, and their quotes on love and happiness are included as insets alongside their photographs on the jewellery grid pages . The final result is a clean, elegant retail jewellery flyer that also celebrates personal stories with real people.