the objective of this piece was to create a visual identity for the piano studio, Bowman Piano House.

Bowman Piano House exists to faciliate an atmosphere where music comes alive and draws out each students’ innate ability to play piano. The visual identity for this piano studio should convey the warmth of studio's atmosphere and reference the historical roots of the Piano House.

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In the 1940s, Bowman Piano House was a piano retail business in British Columbia owned and operated by John and Anne Bowman. Over 50 years later, John and Anne’s granddaughter, Rachel Bowman, named her piano teaching studio Bowman Piano House in honour of her family’s heritage and history with music. This history is significant to Rachel and forms the the building blocks for the current identity of Bowman Piano House. It is important to her that the studio honours the past and celebrates the history of music within her family heritage.


signature process

Original Identity Circa. 1942


Original illustration Credit: Timothy Bowman + Vectorized Graphic


Signature Colour Options


final signature


final signature rationale

The original piano retailer’s logo was entirely in a round serif font with a distinctly “vintage” flare-particularly with the larger title letter and horizontal lines. Some of these design elements can be incorporated into today’s Bowman Piano House logo to honour its history. 

The royal blue is a classic and elegant colour, and while blue tends to be a more corporate colour, royal blue has a timeless beauty and confidence that also echoes regality and professionalism. As the companion colour to royal blue, gold is a warm and inviting colour that beautifully contrasts the background. 

The illustration, created by Timothy Bowman, can be used in multiple ways. It will be displayed in the logo itself, as well as a “seal” and stamp on additional business assets. The illustration can also be used as a stamp “seal” on the music sheets of students' completed songs or any other studio assets. 


social media identity


studio identity