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the objective of this piece was to create an original signature and visual identity for a real estate investment company.

A signature was to be designed for the company and a consistent identity defined and applied to a visual identity system.



The 1st step in the process included interviewing the company's owners to determine who their target clientle includes, and how they would like their company to be percieved via their visual identity. Dove Services is a real estate investment company that owns, renovates and manages rental properties. The owners pride their company on purchasing and managing properties that are well maintained and managed. Therefore, they are very particular in selecting potiential tenants for their properties. Their visual identity must attract potential tenants who are clean, respectful, honest, and take pride in their living situation. The identity should also nod toward the renovation/construction portion of the company, as this is also a key aspect of Dove Services.


signature variations


final identity



The final signature for Dove Services Ltd. features an original typeface that was created to appear 'draft-like' to allude to the renovation services provided by the company. Subtle horizontal, diagonal, and vertical lines were also included to border the signature as a nod to home blueprints. Because the company is commonly referenced to as 'Dove', this word was made most prominent, and the 'V' was given a stylistic bird swoop. This 'V' feature is used throughout the additional branding pieces, including the stationery, post-it notes, and key-chain accessory.  As Dove Services routinely deals with new property tenants,  all new tenants receive a branded post-it pad with a direct phone number included on each sheet for easy reference. Additionally, the key chain the tenants receive when they occupy their new rental property is branded to further solidify Dove's relationship with the new tenants.