the objective of this piece was to create a new signature and visual identity system for the edmonton valley zoo.

A new signature was to be designed for the organization and four themes were to be defined and applied to a visual identity system.

Stock photos for concept use only.



The 1st step in the process included researching the zoo’s current objectives, the services they provide, and the audience that they will be primarily appealing to. The Edmonton Valley Zoo’s website states their four objectives (stewardship, conservation, education, engagement) and describes the four kinds of species they house (mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds). The key audience for the Edmonton Valley Zoo is children, however, the current identity may be so child-like, that it neglects to appeal to any individuals outside of that demographic.




final identity



The final signature used for the Edmonton Valley Zoo was created with Gill Sans, but the typeface was manipulated with some of the edges being rounded to appear more playful, while also communicating the more academic and “straight-edged” side of the Zoo’s objectives. As the assignment called for four themes, the four species housed by the Edmonton Valley Zoo were chosen as the themes. These species (mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds) would allow the visual representation to be engaging with colourful images of animals. The initial Zoo research that had been done made reference to the Edmonton Valley Zoo’s tagline, “Get Closer”. As this is a compelling tagline, the decision was made to have this be a larger focus in all promotional material. To associate “Get Closer” with the four species, the concept of “focusing in” on the eye of an animal was finalized.